Little Sandwiches
within the world of Rock Creek Trash and Rock Creek Treasures*
it shocks me that I would list the historic bottles, the classic cans, the shiney shards of glass, the coveted rusty hypodermic needle, and the random fast food packaging from every place you can eat for under five dollars.... yet I forgot to mention the mystery of the woods
in the woods rest tiny little sandwich bags
the smallest little zip locks in red, blue, and clear
not the ribbed condom turned inside out for his pleasure
but these tiny little sandwich bags dropped all over the ground
now riddle me this
where do they get the tiny little loaves of bread and tiny little meats?
are these tiny little sandwiches for tiny little people or are they tiny little snacks?

*early I posted at length about my ever growing collection of old soda and liquor bottlesm, which I intendto create a display case for in the very near future