Product Review:
Crank Brothers Mini-Pump
the promoters at the Wednesday At Wakefield races are not only good enough to host a
Clydesdale Class but they also award prizes to this class, even when the field is only a few people deep
I was fortunate enough to race two of the last three WAW events
(planning for my third tonight)
In both of these events I raced my rigid Surley Karate Monkey Single Speed and put in a moderately strong time...
my time was strong... but nothing compared to the top Single Speeders earlier in the day
there is some truth to the disadvantages of my XL size
yet in this case I feel that my lack of conditioning/training/riding has been a greater factor
in the two races that I placed first in my class I was given a prize of a Wireless Cycling Computer
a nice little score
on week two I placed first again
again winning a wirelwess cycling computer
not sure what I would do with the second computer I made a trade with Barry, the second place Clydesdale finisher
Barry had won his second Crank Brothers Mini Pump
he was glad to make the switch as had as much use for two mini pumps as I have for two wireless computers

on with the review....
Crank Brothers makes a good product
their EggBeater Pedals are quite popular
I have been more than satisfied with thier mini tool
and was excited to get to try out their pump
thus far I have been pleased with it
the shaft is a tad short... but there is a VOLUME/PSI control
so that you can switch back and forth for a quicker fill and for topping off the final pounds
the size and weight of the pump definitely makes it great for riding/racing
on my quick little trial it the pump seemed to meet the mark
I did not do count of strokes per pound
the small pump makes me think that I could get a CO2 cartridge and race with both
using the speed of the CO2
having the Crank Brother's Mini for backup!
it is much better than my old pump which had strengths... neither size nor weigth not being one of them
over time I will brow to be more acquainted with this pump