PSA IDEA Number 25:
People are not all bad.
As a matter of fact there are times when I am out on my bike and I am able to see some good in people.

Most of the time this occurs when I have my Burley Trailer being towed behind my bicycle.
The Burley Trailer is a little two wheeled trailer that attaches to the back of my bicycle and is pulled behind the bicycle. This trailer can hold my two sons or various gear. Most of the time I use this trailer to take my sons various places around town.... usually traveling on the bike paths rather than the streets. Yet, there are times when I meet my wife somewhere, then I travel back without the kids, yet when I go home I still have the trailer still rolling behind my bicycle. It is funny. Car drivers know what this devices is.... they know that it usually used to transport small children. So the cars tend to pass me with greater caution and respect, even though the trailer is empty.
What these people do not realize... is that with or without the trailer I am still the same person. I know they are avoiding running me down to avoid running my child down, but they are also giving me greater space. Without the trailer behind me, I am still a dad, I am still someone who deserves the basic right to my own personal safety.
So why is it that these cars can not treat me like I am a father towing a child all the time.
People need to put the HUMAN ELEMENT upon the cyclist....
the cyclist is a human being
not an obstacle in the way

cyclists are people who have not only a right to the road
but cyclists have a right to life
cyclists are people who are someone's sons or someone's daughters
cyclists are parts of family and friends
some cyclists are parents
some cyclists want to live to be parents
cyclists can be people just like you.... doctors... lawyers.... teachers... police officers...
you name it
cyclists cover the full spectrum
cyclists can be good samaratins
cyclists can be assholes
no matter who or what these cyclists are they have a right to their safety and they have a right to the road