WAW: Wednesday at Wakefield
here it is mid-summer
here it is mid-week
if the day goes as planned then I will be attending the local mountainbike race WAW
it is a great little local grass roots race series with some healthy competition in a friendly atmosphere
the day seems to be with me
normally I would not go out to my car before work in the morning
Dean was going through his... "I don't want to go to school thing"
in a classic smoke screen way I tried to entice him in a trip to school by bringing the toy of the morning to school in his backpack
his backpack was not in the house
figured it was in the car
went to the car
a push of the electronic door unlock button on the key chain did nothing for the doors of the Element
at first I was thinking it was a dead battery on the key chain
but the light was illuminating at each press of the button
then I manually unlocked the door with the key
sat in the driver's seat and turned the ingnition....
.... nothing....
not a light on the dash
not a sound from the starter
the battery was/is dead
tried a compression start rolling down the hill
.... nothing...
managed to roll into a parking space at the base of the hill
then sprinted back to the house
grabbed some tools to remove the car battery
took the battery to the basement and hooked it up to my old motorcycle battery charger
it may not be the tool for the job
but this motorcycle battery charger worked on all my motorcycles from my youth
then worked with my beater cars of adult life (the old convertible rabbit, the '66 Nova, and the '84 Landcruiser)
so I would expect this charger to work on the Honda Element battery

Main Entry: prov·i·dence
Pronunciation: 'prä-v&-d&n(t)s, -"den(t)s
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin providentia, from provident-, providens
1 a often capitalized : divine guidance or care b capitalized : God conceived as the power sustaining and guiding human destiny
2 : the quality or state of being provident

We will see!
I look forward to it
ideally I will go home... replace my battery to the car... turn the key... start the car
sweat it out in cross town traffic
and go slug it out with the dirt
it will be fun to race
it will be fun to test my limits on dirt
definition supplied from Britannica.com

well.... so much for PROVIDENCE
it looks like it may rain tonight....
more stress and anxiety
hate these summer rains landing on WAW