Chevy Chase's Trash or Treasure-
after counting the loot and debating with the notion of doing another drive through Chevy Chase, Maryland's biannual Trash or Treasure day I opted not to collect any more trash for my basement

the Tiny Tikes toy work bench is a hit

the Stan Smith tennis racket is making the young tennis stars I always dreamed of raising

the trail a bike is another bike to step over in my basement

there is no need for any leaky aquariums or fish bowls

after reviewing in my head what remained
the odds of a decent bicycle still sitting on the curb seemed slim
the imagry had me thinking about a few other things...

I thought about all of the computers and monitors I saw in these piles of trash

so I called the Town of Chevy Chase's offices and spoke to a few people
left a message
then sent an email to restate that such things are not to be collected as trash
with that I sent a link to Montgomery County's computer recycling options

no... I am not a do gooder

I am someone who tries to do what everyone should do
the basics to keeping the world safe and clean for a livable tomorrow

this was not blowing the whistle or even telling someone what to do
it was just a matter of opening their eyes to the situation
they were aware of the rules... they had informed the neigborhood of the guidelines of what should be placed on the curb
they did not drive through after people set stuff out for collection

perhaps they should have trash and recycling pick up for these events
as there most certainly will be other hazardous waste in addition to the computers and monitors