The Flip Side of the Coin....
an isolated incident
a case of friendly fire
an "accident"
a sad event
something to be careful about

not only do you need to be careful and protect yourself

we as cyclists need to be considerate of others
there is a list of special cases that deserve special care and additional space
old ladies
pregnant ladies
people with small children
small children
everyone deserves their space and right to tranquility
buzzing past someone by inches is not cool and clearly not safe
(I admit I like to cruise through the city fast.... what appears to be close to a pedestrian is often more than a handlebar's width away... if a car passed me with a hood's width between us.... that would make me happy, but most cars buzz past me more closely than I would buzz a pedestrian on foot)

(this information was shared with me from my friend at ETJB)

now if I can just get the car driver's to be more sympathetic of the human element to the person on the bicycle