this is very odd
I wonder if it will spread into my system?
FYXOMATOSIS: the Trackbike disease
has me thinking of the bike I want to build
some of the short cycling related films I want to make
(with the time I do not have)

my track bike frame was a "hook up" from and old friend; C. Bennet Moore
Bennet is a cyclist who should blog or write a book
he has more stories and more anecdotes than anyone I know
he is making more stories by the day
his list of "greatest hits" would certainly entertain any and all cyclists
he has toured the the world on his bike
he has raced and trained both road and mountain
he spent some time in Guatemala as part owner of a mountainbike tour company
and as the shop manager of the Old Town Alexandria Big Wheel Bikes he has a cast of characters that roll through that would make a reality television show with the same flavor as Jesco the Dancing Outlaw!