some links

sue george: a girl with two first names and a mountainbike
brian kemler: a man of the world who left DC for Mexico City
bikeblogs: a blog and a blog resource
Vanilla Bikes: not to be confused with Vanilla Ice... something thought to be cool then rethought
bicycles and icicles: an alaskan who is not so off the grid that he can not blog
izzyisadog: a dog that blogs who has owners who ride

that should keep you busy for a while
especially since each of these (especially bikeblogs) has a long list of links to keep the bicycle minded individual busy for quite some time

okay... one more and a short anecdote

dcaudubonblog: blog for birders

last night it happened again
it does not happen enough
but I love it when it does
there I was out cruising on my bike on the Mt Vernon trail
looking over across the Potomac River at the monuments
watching how the dark sky reflected off the water while the marble buildings reflected what little sun remained
there it was
right along side of me
a massive great blue heron or so I guess
as I am not a bird watcher
I am a cyclist
this great bird coasted along side of me
not as close as I would hope
but still an amazing vision just the same
like my own little Winged Migration video playing live in front of my eye