Swag Review: Specialized Chicane Optics
this weekend past at the Panarama Paranormal Chris Redlack and myself took first in the Clydesdale Class

not sure how many participated in this class
we were strong overall
our combined seven laps
was a good race bringing respect to the Big Boy Class!

as I completed my 4th and final lap there was just enough time to bond with some buddies at the finish
Chris Redlack, Bill Davis, and Phil Rice were all there
each with a beer in their hand
each with a tale of the trail
Four happy Clydesdales!
(well, Bill Davis has dropped a few pounds and picked up some speed... we will have him as a retired Clydesdale with a potential Clydesdale Future!)
after a slug of IPA from Bill Davis is was time to strip out of my sweat soaked City Bikes orange and red for the fourth and last time then load my mud coated Surly Karate Monkey into my already packed Honda Element

before I could close the back door to my car
it was time for the awards at the Panarama Paranormal
no time wasted here!

Chris and I scanned the prize table as all the classes were being called to the podium then selecting their swag

the table's contents grew thinner and thinner

finally we were called to take the stand
with a hearty self congratulatory hoot we were on the podium
then a quick smile for the camera

7 laps

first in our class

strong over all
at the prize table I looked at what they had and thought about what I could use

there were all sorts of cartons of Power Bars, some multi-tools, various mini-pumps, but nothing that I felt I needed

the tires and tubes were all for 26 inch wheels
the Power Bars did not seem flavorful after an evening of similar fuel ingestion
then I saw the lone box sure enough.... riding glasses
something I needed
something I wanted

I reached over and pulled the box closer to me

slowly opened the container and pulled the glasses out of a little sack

the lenses were not clear or amber... standard "smoke"
the frames were of a style to my liking

upon my departure one of the promoters James Gist (I will confirm his name later)
commented on the quality of the glasses
I thanked him and started to point myself to a long late night post mountainbike relay race drive home
the next day there was no riding to perform a proper product test

but I proudly wore my glasses just the same
the lenses ended up having some high tech UV protection

the lenses change their darkness depending upon the brightness of the situation
a great feature for dipping in and out of the woods
for going in and out of the store

so... driving outside on the city streets was as comfortable as pushing my shopping cart inside the Safeway
the glasses did not go close enough to clear to wear as an accessory this weekend at my buddy Rob's wedding but stylish just the same
later that day as I rode the mini train at Cabin John Regional park I took in the splendor of the dense woods
the fall spectacle that surrounded me
leaves still holding on strong to the green
while orange and yellow patches were exploding everywhere
at this point I made comparisons of the view with and without the glasses the lenses did improve the clarity and the crispness everything was warmer and more beautiful not quite the "prozac lens effect" that one gets from amber lenses richer just the same
much richer
AWESOME! as a matter of fact.
I give these glasses 5 STARS which is okay as a purchase in this 5 STAR Rating but as swag! this acquisition is off the charts!

7 Stars in a 5 Star Rating!