alley cat today

looks like the rain is going to hold out for the alleycat race today

although the alleycat races are not my thing I was thinking of heading down to take some photos

but... my plans with the family created conflict
family wins over photos, cycling, or cycling photos

on my way to the national's game at rfk with the family I saw demoncats kevin dillard off to the team time trial alleycat
last night in the bars were all sorts of messengers from philly and new york should be a party on and off the bike

more kevin dillard images
I wonder if he is the creator/web master of the demoncats site?


Anonymous said...

yeah I am pretty sure he does.

gwadzilla said...

I love the demon cat site

I just am not fond of how sites made in FLASH do not have the same URL conventions so that you can archive pages
send people directly to one point