another shot of a cyclist from down the block from me

here is another shot of a cyclist who lives around the corner from me
apparently she works around the corner from me as well

ran into her a peoples drug store... they call it CVS... but it is people's drug store

(tried to find the previous image postings of her)


megan said...

we have those CVS. i hate that. what even is 'CVS'. yes. its a drug store. plan and simple. put an end to all the silly names of drug stores. convenience stores are another story. i like what they come up with for those. specially in the smaller towns. like: git it kwik. there are better ones, its too early for me to think of them.

gwadzilla said...

this history of CVS in Washington DC is a tradgic one

when CVS was still People's Drug
they went around the city and bought an assortment of historic buildings
a few of these historic buildings were old theaters

sure the owners put these things up for sale

but it was People's Drug that made the concious move to take over each one of these buildings in each different neighborhood in the city