the bike is part of it... but is is not always about the bike... sometimes it is just about life

it is not just about the bike
we have more in common than just the bike

we love life
we love feeling and touching life
we love to be alive

we inspire each other on and off the bike

the blog is part of that
it is a network of inspiration
the inspiration is about the bike
the inspiration is about life

I have seen the inspiration flow in a creative direction
these images by jason stoner are of a subject on a bike, but they are also interesting photos
joe foley and kevin dillard are also good photographers who shot images of cycling and cyclists
and if I want to get out of the district into colorado.... timmyp and tino got me thinking that I should put images on my blog
my images are less photography and more of thing
I do my photo collage thing

got stoner's image @bikecentric