bike or suv?

if jesus were alive today would he ride a bicycle or would he drive an SUV?

do you think jesus would support the war in Iraq?

what do you think jesus' feelings on George Bush would be?

do you think jesus would treat issues as Black or White?
or would jesus approach things with thought and understanding?

have a nice Sunday!


Anonymous said...

What would Jesus say about stealing a tent? How's the karma been lately?

gwadzilla said...

Jesus would say to me... you have delt with it and you have moved on
Jesus would say to you... let he without sin cast the first stone

karma is not what you think

if you knew me
you would know
even though I can be an asshole
I give more than I take

as for you
take a look in the mirror
scrutinize yourself
you are wasting too much energy judgeing others
when you and your life could use some tweeking

Anonymous said...

Read your blog and use your great advice on yourself. My point exactly.

Anonymous said...

I would stick to writting about bikes because you know nothing about life. I agree with the comments above. You brought Jesus in--you freak.

gwadzilla said...

I may know nothing about life
you know nothing about me

hope you enjoy my blog
hope you enjoy your path through life

your attacks upon me and my karma are greater than my taking of the tent
as your efforts are unkind and malicious
while my actions may have been wrong they were not an attack upon another

I read my blog and I try to grow
the blog is for me
it is a learning tool
it is an outlet
it is how I try to figure out my life and the world around me

Frank Brigandi said...

I think if Jesus were alove and exhisted as he supposedly did when he walked the earth, first thing he'd probablly do, is abollish the cathollic church, then ride his mountain bike ( probablly rigid, being he seems to be a glutten for punishment and a tough guy extraordinaire, my kind of guy, a mans man maybe?) over to Mel Gibsons house and kick him in the nuts once for himself, then once for all of the practicing Jews, then he'd go visit Jim Morroson's grave, Hendrix's grave, rol on over to Hunter Thompson's grave, and wirte him a note and leave it there, Then go vist BIll Gates and say something like, " WTF are you doing?, why? I'd like an explaination" then start a company that recinds all religions as we currently know it and start over and just make his point simple, everyone look at the person next to you and tell them how much you suck and ask them to be your friend. None of us are perfect in any respect, we are all assholes, we all have cheated in one way or another and all of us need to grow as we get older, it'spart of what we are and do. Then he'd probablly resurect the 24 hours of Canaan and lap everyone on a single speed 29er and start a new cult religion about bikes. But, what do Iknow, I'm an idiot, and admittedly know next to nothing.

gwadzilla said...

thanks frank...
for bring it back to a real level

jesus would want to kick a vast number of people in the nuts...
Pat Robertson
George Bush
Dick Chenney... oh sorry... the devil has dibs on him
bill gates? he does enough to balance the scales of his crappy computers
a long list of others
so many bible thumpers that are missing the point
be they promise keeps
or evangelical

not sure if Jesus would race
but I think he would ride
we all know that Jesus hung with a rough crowd
maybe ride with the Hugh Jass crowd in harrissonberg

and yes...
a 29 inch single speed with rigid fork sounds like the bike for him
with the sandle spds

now back to work

Yokota Fritz said...

Kicking people in the nuts wasn't really Christ's style. He lets people live their lives, good or bad.