bikes are not toys...

bikes are not toys
cars are not toys either
life is nothing to be played with

it amuses me
people put all these stickers on their cars
stickers making some sort of claim that they are concerned about life

there are the support our troops stickers
there are the fish stickers
there are the anti-abortion stickers

when I am on my bicycle and a car passes me fast and close
I always find these stickers a tad ironic
ironic in an Allonis Morrissette sort of way
I find it ironic that they make this global claim of care and concern
yet they can not respect the life of the person right in front of them
that person on the bicycle deseserves their safety, their healthy, and their life

the annoying sticker paradox continues
the car drivers with roof racks and athletic stickers really piss me off
the car driver headed to the gym
the car driver with their kayak on top of the car
the car driver rushing to their ultimate game
(or maybe it is kickball or flag football)

the car driver headed to watch the game at the local pub
the car driver with their DIVER BELOW sticker
the car driver that passes the cyclist with total disregard for the safety of the cyclist
the car driver is devoid of empathy for what it would be like for someone to buzz past them while they are trying to enjoy their sport

the human powered boaters know how they feel about a jet skier buzzing past them and creating a wake disrupting their flat water canoe or their crew work out
yet... they do not realize that they are leaving the same wake as they buzz by the bikers

the diver sticker I spoke about...
just as the diver does not want the speed boat speeding overhead risking their life and safety
the cyclist craves the same respect for space and safety

the list goes on
there needs to be some basic respect
but... that is too much to ask
so... if we could get human power to respect human power
that would be a start
if all people who are fit and active would spread the word about responsible driving
that would be our start

while driving
runners should yeild to all runner's in the crosswalk and on the road
these same runners should extend their courtesy beyond other runners
they should respect all walkers and cyclists as well

the boaters....
the boaters rushing to the water
especially the local ones here in DC headed to the boat houses on K Street
the boaters should expand their empathy
just as the canoers, rowers, and kayakers have distain for jet skiers and power boaters
they should realize that their action behind the wheel is just as hazardous to those on the road
speeding past runners and bikers is no different than a power boat zipping past a human powered boat

to all the jesus people
take the stickers off your car
get off your soap box
take the day off from going to church
remove that cross from around your neck
put the bible on the shelf and away from the table by your bed...
none of that stuff measures up against anything other than how you live your life
if on your way to and from church you are an asshole in traffic...
you are just an asshole
the same as the asshole headed to starbucks
less church... better living... please
it always amuses me to have a car speed past me fast and close and see that little fish on the bumper
going to church does not balance off the life of tony soprano
no does going to church balance off your everyday selfish and obnoxious behavior

here it is Sunday
no... I am not going to go to church
but... I will try not to be an asshole to each and every person I encounter

(dc has a church population that has a history of double parking on church day
can you imagine thinking that you can block the roadway because you are going to church?
give me a break.... roads are congested by church traffic... that is another rant for another day
there is talk of legalizing the double parking.... THAT IS ABSURD!)

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