broke a spoke

so, I broke a spoke... no big deal
the wheel is still straight... well sorta straight

the issue is not so much the broken spoke
the issue has more to do with my slacking on replacing the spoke
the issue has more to do with my forgetfulness and riding a bike that is broken when I have other cycling options

okay, I need to cut myself some slack
the spoke broke on thirty year old Colnago set up as a fixie Friday morning on my way into work
while, Friday night was spent prepping my geared Surly Karate Monkey for Sunday's Karate Monkey race at Wakefield Park in NOVA
then Saturday night was spent double checking my gear for the next day that was approaching fast
so... it was not so much my failure to replace a broken spoke
it was my absent mindedness that allowed me to ride a bike that was in need of some TLC
sure there was Sunday night
but, Sunday night was spent resting after a morning at work, an afternoon of racing my mountain bike in the hot sun, and an evening of swimming with my two boys

the broken spoke was realized early into the morning ride
which altered my path from pre-work ride to a straight to work ride
maybe I was looking for an excuse not to ride the day after a race
the excuse not to ride in the morning extended to be an acceptable excuse not to ride in the afternoon
honestly... my idea of a ride is little less than an average racer's day off
so missing my little work out can be a big deal
especially with the Shenandoah Mountain 100 in my sites

now it is important for me to manage two ideas
fixing that rear wheel
remembering not to ride my fixed gear until the wheels are straight

this as me thinking about the bike
the front wheel although has no broken spokes was starting to look like something from the travels of Lewis and Clark

this is all good
this is the perfect opportunity to give this bike a make-over
I have a set of mustache bars that my friend dave gave me
as well as wanting to swap the tires out for some cross tires
the cross tires are well worn with no real knobbies
it is not the knobbies I am seeking
it is the wider tire
a little more cush to my ride

the mustache bars are not as wide as I would buy
but... will put the bars on and give them a try
the fixie is just a giggle and a scream
not my main thing
not my tribe
a fun way to get around town
the fixie is far from my second nature

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