Burrito Cart on 15th and K Street

think Soup Nazi Mexican Style...
then you have Pedro and Vinny's Burrito Cart at 15th and K Street
not since the first time at the Market Lunch at the Eastern Market on Capitol Hill have I been so nervous about to being prompt and correct in placing my food order

no time to stutter
no time to make small talk
no exchange of pleasantries
just place your order or step aside

the menu selection is within view as the line moves quickly forward
at the cart itself there is an assortment of hot sauces
too many to choose from
there are chips for sampling the various sauces
more choices
more pressure
greater risk of fumbling the verbal exchange

then once the burrito is assembled and passed off
no money changes hands
there is a box of money
the customer takes it upon themselves to make their own change

great burrito
sure I am a major carnivore
but... that is one darn good burrito
worth the walk
the wait was not long enough to really call it a wait... just a fast moving line

mine was a standard tortilla, with cheese, guac, black beans and spicy pinto (what he called black and tan) and a basil hot sauce the john picked out
good stuff
pretty darn cheap too
with soda 7 bucks!


less than two blocks from there is a chinese buffet for 6.25
I got it to go for 6.25
with small soup and fountain soda
pretty darn good
lots of turn over
well.... quantity
I like quantity