by your request

got some email requests for a close up of the ink
to see a larger image...
right click... OPEN IN NEW WINDOW


Steeker said...

Awww dam ! I had that TATT as a spoke card and was going to get in done on my leg too :-(

Unknown said...

That is badass!! When it was in the earlier pic. I coundn't tell what it was....hot damn.


gewilli said...

just stick in the 'target' tag in the code and it'll open in its own window...

Anonymous said...

This blog is getting too political, too religious, and degrading to women. I bike and read blogs. I am not coming back, I'm sticking to the ones written about bikes and to men who spend most weekends with their families.


gwadzilla said...


hopefully you will tune in again

take what you like
leave what does not please you

I write the blog for me
it would be impossible for me to try and please an audience with this stuff
just putting it out there

if I were an editor of a glossy mag
I would take these things into account

I am a blogger
I blog to release some steam

right now
I am releasing steam on this comment section

have a nice day
enjoy the bike
send me links to any fun bicycle blogs you stumble upon


Anonymous said...


I'm so glad this blog loves Jesus! What church do you bike to? When do you and your family bike to Church on Sunday and where? would love to do a piece for our church and people who bike to church in DC! I can tell you and your family are good Catholics!

Brother Joseph, SVD Catholic Art.

gwadzilla said...


I am currently between religions

not sure where this quote originates....
but I heard it from Laird Knight at one of the Canaan Races.... "I would rather be on my bike thinking of god that be in church thinking of my bike"

I am still searching

right now with my dog dying and all
I am not so sure about the power of prayer