do tickets change behavior?

do traffic tickets change behavior?

outside my window this morning I have watched the flashing lights of a dc cruiser
all morning long cars have been pulled over for running the red light at the top of the hill
I like the fact that they are trying to slow traffic and curb the red light running behavior
but... I am not sure if writing tickets changes behavior
the threat of a ticket can change behavior
but issueing a ticket?

issueing a ticket just generates revenue and pisses someone off
not sure if people reflect on their action and change their behavior
I think they just complain about the ticket and the officer
never realizing it was a classic case of action and reaction

what changes behavior?
the presence of an officer
the never ending threat that a ticket will be issued if you break the law

gotta roll
lisa is back with brutus from a morning run
we missed our yoga sessions
now we are out of town for a trip to a beach on the bay and a water park
should be fun
if the rain holds out