do tickets change behavior?

do traffic tickets change behavior?

outside my window this morning I have watched the flashing lights of a dc cruiser
all morning long cars have been pulled over for running the red light at the top of the hill
I like the fact that they are trying to slow traffic and curb the red light running behavior
but... I am not sure if writing tickets changes behavior
the threat of a ticket can change behavior
but issueing a ticket?

issueing a ticket just generates revenue and pisses someone off
not sure if people reflect on their action and change their behavior
I think they just complain about the ticket and the officer
never realizing it was a classic case of action and reaction

what changes behavior?
the presence of an officer
the never ending threat that a ticket will be issued if you break the law

gotta roll
lisa is back with brutus from a morning run
we missed our yoga sessions
now we are out of town for a trip to a beach on the bay and a water park
should be fun
if the rain holds out


Frank Brigandi said...

Interesting question....I believe that if you do something that causes a loss, you may think twice about doing it again...but too many people receive a warning and think they got away with something, but not everyone thinks that way.....if someone is pissed that they were taxed for bad behavior, then they're just denying the true issue....write em up in my opinion...I wish our officers would write more tickets in front of my shop where there is a no-u-turn sign. being I am on the same block as a liquor stre, it's a hot place to be and get there in a hurry.. o the u-turn is abused hourly by dozens of people.. I've only seen 3 tickets written in 2 years of being open......it sucks...

gwadzilla said...

in this era of credit and living beyond our means the ticket is really not all that meaningful

people get tickets and tickets and more tickets

people will not park in front of a hydrant for fear of a ticket
in an area where the law is less likely to come by
the driver will park there with no concern
so... the fear of a ticket will prevent the action
but... the unlikelihood of a ticket
well... does not affect the behavior

more tickets
greater penalties for tickets
less credit
greater restrictions for getting a driver's permit

like an IQ test...
better yet
a common sense test

Frank Brigandi said...

credit......what an assumption, I agree Joel, IQ tests, and proper delligation of monies would certainly change things dramatically......but it'd be nice if our society certainly gave credit where credit was due...but there's no fear in that, it would render life boring maybe?......my per peeve?.. the guy in the huge SUV sitting in his vehicle blocking the wheel chair access to the entrence to a supermarket while his partner in crime runs in for a few items...and the parking lot is almost empty........I can never find a brick when I need one.

gwadzilla said...

the double parker is a bad animal
that double parker does not care about the open spaces
that same double parker will park on the grass when they get to the golf course
even if their is a space twenty yards back
on monday morning
when they drop off their wife at work
they arrive a few minutes early
they will wait
blocking the NO PARKING OR NO STANDING zone durning RUSH HOUR
clogging traffic
creating traffic

it amuses me that cars honk at a bicycle who is within the elements of the law
but roll on past the car that are the butt plugs that are creating the traffic each and every day