dog people and cat people....

with the death of dog roscoe I have gone through a great deal

all sorts of revelations about empathy and understanding
being able to flashback to each and every one of my friends who has ever lost a pet
and my inability to really grasp what they went through

even now
I see that as much as any one person may love their pet
they still can not fully empathize for another and their loss

a funny revelation about the cat and dog people

when a cat is really really cool....
the cat owner will boast that their cat is like a dog
when a dog is really cool
the owner often boasts about how much like a person that dog is


Frank Brigandi said...

That IS funny, and totally true.
As I stated before, I still think of my Rottweiler, Otto. I can;t even begin to explain the pain I went through when he had to be put down, it was devisating.
He was very un dog like, except for the fact that walked on all fours and farted more than the average person and was unable to talk. BUt he did understand all sorts of things, hand signals, sentences..etc etc. Ask him where his cookies wre and he;d go into the kitchen and oopen the pantry door and look inside, then if I asked him to pick one, he'd think about it, then pull out which container he was in the mood for and I'd open it...smarter than me dude....He was just honestly my best friend. he used to clean my 2 cats, give them a bath and they'd sleep with or on him almost always....shit now I'm crying..haha.. god I miss Otto. I'm not a religious man, but if there is a heaven, whatever god is, he definately has Otto laying at his feet waiting for me when I get there.. well, maybe, I don;t think I'm actually going to make it there in all honestly, there are people far more greater than I will ever be, who should go there.....But for now, Otto's ashes on my mantle are good enough for me.

gwadzilla said...

the relationship between a man and his dog is very special
it is the grand pleasure that causes us to feel such pain

sorry about your loss
just as I am sorry I know how lucky you were to have a dog that you really connected with