explain this...

explain this...
how does this happen?
how is a 12 year old back stage a the Palladium with The Clash?

found this on Harley Flannagan's myspace place

although I am bald
I have never cared much for the skinhead thing

I am certain that this guy could write a tell all book that could be the basis of a dozen hollywood movies
from what it sounds
he has not slowed down a bit!

Harley... Keep Up the Intensity!
I will have to check out the links on your MYSPACE site to find out why you were in all those places at such a young age
guess all that history will give me an understanding of how you got to where you are now

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gmr2048 said...

harley flanagan has a myspace page??
i mean...harley flanagan has a myspace page???! harley f*ckin' flanagan?


there is something seriously wrong with that. the day the cromags get a myspace page is the day i expect to hear the cromags on DC101.

yet another end of an era. i was never into the skinhead thing either. matter of fact, i was pretty actively against it. (i don't remember much of the cromags lyrics, but i don't recall them being skinhead themselves...but i know their followers were pretty scary). but shit, the cromags were hard as hell!

the only guy i know who looks like he could eat henry rollins for lunch.

and they're on myspace?