hate when the images do not load
hate when I blogger gives me a wrestling match

wanted to just toss a few things up real fast
a two step process has turned into a major affair

a blog in colorado by walker thompson wrote about fear
pointed to an article in The New York Times: Mountain Biking Without Fear

although I do not ride my bike with headphones
interesting gwadzilla archive
I can see how riding with FEAR would be a good thing

still no luck with the image
which leaves the pun upon the word FEAR a little vague

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Anonymous said...

I still have my cassette tape from I'd say '84 in my car with FEAR on one side and Scream on the other. That is a classic mix. Man FEAR makes for some good listening. I love living in the city.

I remember when I first showed up at SMC to move into my Dorchester room with Andy Hughes. I had some piece of crap stereo (cassete deck, tuner and turntable all in one) but I had covered the speakers with camoflauge mosquito netting and spray painted FEAR in silver paint onto the grills. My parents were used to it, but I remember Andy's mom looking at the speakers and questioning out loud "FEAR"??? And then I had one of those dork moments when you try to explain to someone who has not idea what you are talking about that FEAR was this really cool group.