female messengers

back in the 80's the messenger feared the fax machine
well, the messengers feared the fax machine and the obnoxious cab drivers

there was no anticipation of the power of the computer

the messenger industry has shrunk
over all there are far fewer bicycle messengers than there ever where
but the ratio of men to woman may have stayed the same
there are not many female messengers
they are out there

I wonder what the tally of female messengers is
I wonder what the tally of female messengers was at its peak
I wonder
but I do not wonder any further than typing these words


Anonymous said...

I don't recognize the girl in the photo. Doesn't mean she's not a messenger, but if she is, she must be new around here (that's an awfully shiny helmet). Anyhoo, I made a mental list, and counting the person in this photo, I came up with 7 female messengers, and I don't think all of them are full time. I think the ratio is better in other cities. Sexual harassment continues to be a major problem in DC, and riding around in tights or a skirt doesn't help. Even other messengers can be rude and worse, so this city can be a bit discouraging for female messengers.

gwadzilla said...

I think she may be a new messenger
I have seen her around a few times

you will know when you see her
she has some nice legs

or... get away sticks
as I have heard them called