floyd... this guy has spirit

this of course is from YOUTUBE
watching a great deal of le tour on oln
loving it
the coverage is beautiful
the action is exciting
nice packaging
gut I am not the gene shalete of the road racing coverage world

love floyd's response to his bad day on the day prior
he did not give some euro answer about maybe having some throat virus or whatever euro version of taking a dive in world cup football on the cycling scene
no... he just said he was not entirely there
or something to that effect
very cool
then this
I know what happened today
a friend on the street was so pumped he wanted to talk about it
I was not shy about hearing it as I slammed one of those veggie burritos from the sidewalk guy
he is friendly but effiecient.... a burrito soup nazi

it is beautiful to watch
it will be exciting to see how the rest of the story unfolds

great sipping wine and watching the tour
maybe I will get some Ricard for some of these final days
that would be refreshing on ice
a great summer drink

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