give and take...

life is about give and take

I believe in the motto... "give a little... get a lot"
that is not the same as... "give a little... take a lot"

as I have started to mature I have come to see that we all need to contribute positively on some level
some of us will do more than others

there will be strong leaders and of course there will be followers
there will be those who are strong contributors in the board room
then there are those that are like me... good on the ground as foot soldiers

I try to make small contributions when I can
each little thing adds up
(picking up trash on my city block, trail repairs in the woods of Rock Creek Park, volunteering with Waba or MORE... just to name a few small things that I try to do)

for some people their positive contribution would be to just put forth less of a negative contribution
sure I can be an asshole... but I try to balance that with some good
some people are just assholes across the board... giving nothing back
just taking away

they may contribute at work...
they may do okay at work...
but that is the minimum
we need to all go beyond that

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