lights... and a lot of things

three things on lights before I go to bed....

-it makes me proud to see five year old dean digging under the couch with a headlamp on his head as he tries to get that toy that is just out of reach

-felt like a fool riding in the dark the other night
felt like an extra fool the next morning when I ran around late looking for my light knowing that I should have it "just in case" only to find that the light was in my back pack
which means i had it the night prior when I had ridden through rock creek with my light in my backpack when it should have been on my head

-and lastly
I just realized
I think more time has passed without a night hike than usual
need to take brutus out on a night hike
I think that...
well.... I am thinking lots of things
the most simple thing to say is that I need to take brutus out for a night hike one night this week
yes, he has gotten to step into the alley when I take out the trash
there have been a few steps arcoss the street into the woods
but he has not had a full fledged night hike since his brother roscoe died

time for bed
will finish this drink and watch a few seconds of the tour coverage
sure I saw it already... but I can still catch things I had not focused on prior

roscoe died on a full moon on July 10th