more photography

there are guys that love taking pictures
and well
there are a few of us that do not want our picture taken
while some of us do not mind at all
especially when we are caught in the act of such a wonderful moment
(hope camps does not think I am talking dirty)
but here is camps caught in the woods during a wonderful moment

that is a sweet photo of a sweet moment
I would need a fork lift and a hot air balloon to come close to clearing that log
not just clearing that log... but clearing that log at that pace
sweet photo gary
sweet move camps
the photos of me from that event are less than sweet... but the subject was less than dynamic
camps' finishing time is dynamic
the single speeders are not the fastest
but there is some sort of buzz about it that makes it interesting
maybe it is the fight for top five
this week there was some guy way ahead of the field
interesting local stuff

need to scare up the link to pete's wakefield images as well

oh... I did not know that camps had a pogo stick
of course I intend on snagging the images and tossing them up on my page or my team's page
a bunch of reports on the dcmtb team page