nats game

we are going to the national's game this afternoon
the wife
the two boys

knowing that the boys would want a baseball cap at the game I tried to beat the system
went to target to buy some Nats Hats

10 bucks at target beats 50 bucks at the game

they did not have kids size
just adults
the kids were with me so the process was not as fluid as I had hoped
wanted to trick them into thinking I made the purchase at the game

had I been on the bike sans kids... I could have migrated from Target to Sports Authority
was tired of suburban shopping and settled on the adult one size fits all

these should be fine

I would wear the hat myself.... but I am not such a fan of having a "W" on my hat

that is a shot of DC's own Marion Barry
yesterday was hat day at the game
that would have been the premium score!

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Anonymous said...

yeah, I don't like the "W" as much, but I've got one anyway. But I've also got the alternate logo with "DC" on it...