no celebration on the podium last night

here is a photo from pete from last week's WAW#2
that is my clydesdale buddy Don Watkins

Don is just coming back from an injury

he is back on the road
soon to be back on dirt

Don will be lining up with the Clydesdales soon enough!

last night I flatted again

old worn tires....

totally my bad for not replacing that stuff
paid for it at Big Bear
paid for it at Greenbriar

paid for it at WAW last week

paid for it again at WAW last night

got to get some fresh tires on the bike

have to swap out the gear sooner

no need to get that last mile out of a chain or cassette
willl have to clean some stuff up on the geared bike so my tail end of the season is not tainted with more mechanicals
mechanicals happen

mechanicals can be avoided

((don is a fireman... although that is not the standard fireman's carry... I do not think he was straining to carry someone tipping the scales around the same point as himself))

WAW#3 Results
(I raced in the single speed and the clydesdales this week)
((the times are faster this week as it was not only backwards loop day... but they cut out the creek section for the reverse loop))

too many people after the race said tubeless... maybe you should try tubeless
sure... tubeless... who is buying?


Anonymous said...

Blame it on the tires....eyeroll..eyeroll

gwadzilla said...

oh shit....

someone is talking shit

if you could read
I think I said

mechanicals happen
mechanicals can be avoided

implying that it was my fault

it was not the tires
it was the racers forcing me to pass off trail

it was my fault

I blame society

Frank Brigandi said...

almost haiku...
not a firemans carry, more like a beauty and the beast carry, suitable in emergency situations though.....tires...you try the nano raptor on your 29er?....people seem to like those. geax is coming out with some very nice tires soon for 29er. I use them for my 26 inch wheeled mtb....but I use no suspension and skinny tires, I'm sort of stupid and self-abusing... your beard is becoming something to donate soon, locks for love?
how great is Jill's blog?...great scenery, and beauty up in alaska eh?
if you are racing D&Q summer sizzler, I'll be grilling dogs, and burgers at our tent....

Anonymous said...

i run tubless, but they didn't help my keep my chain from breaking one bit. What's that i hear? Keep the multi-tool in your pocket? I'm a little too confident in my lack of mechanicals lately.