not just a pretty face... a bicycle person

bicycle advocate
bicycle racer (triathalons)
bicycle shop employee sometimes/part time

bicycle specific traveler
I mean
bicycle commuter
a bicycle person

(and a pretty face aw well)
(yes... she does have nice get away sticks)


megan said...

i have a friend with that pink bar tape and blue frame combo. i really like that.

gwadzilla said...

pink tape
pink housing
pink bikes

code pink

my fixed gear is pink

Anonymous said...

And Love those pedals!

gwadzilla said...

what are those?


Anonymous said...

X/1 Titanium at that... Classy lady. Either that or watching her weight...

I'm more the X/2 type..champagne taste, but Cervesa budget.

Keep trying out other pedals every so often, and coming right back to the Speedplays nothing can touch them, just wish my local bike store would carry the Cafe covers.