not sure... I think I like the clean cut

I do not know this guy
but I have seen his story
have seen him around some races
see his name in the cycling news

hard to tell from the photo
I think that clean cut suits him better
although I think I can understand what his is saying about his sexy locks
as my locks are gone entirely

well... not really his story
his story is still being written
that is just a page in his story
a page in many racers story


Frank Brigandi said...

Hair is part of you, it grows from within. Samson drew his strength Metaphorically from his hair because he saw himself in a cetain way, as did his followers. Hair is also overrated, I'm growing my hair again just because my wife hates me with a shaved head, I oddly look better with hair and I feel more like the old me, except for the grey one's. I'll cut it once it gets long enough to donate to Locks of love, then grow it again, that's how I used to do it when I raced.......so, old habits die hard I guess....

gwadzilla said...

I have a big nasty beard

can not grow hair on my head
had a hair avalanche many years ago

I need to shave my beard
I need to shave my head
I do not think that any one would love my facial hair
unless they wanted to glue it onto their arm pits

I understand the hair farmer thing