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fairhill was on the radar but my heart was not in it
the heat did not scare me away
my heart was not in it before the weather forcast
but... hearing of the heat made me feel better about not being there

not having my heart in it and trying to beat the heat
well, glad I was not there to test my spirit

racing rival and friend chris redlack told a short tale of dehyrdation/bonking
chris is a machine
chris is a man of few words
so.... I do not have any more to tell

but some freinds and regular reads fatmarc and buddy had similar tales of woe
well, fatmarc pulled it out for a serious finish and a mental victory

katie compton was not phased by the heat
katie compton like so many other great riders of this era were around in the era of Canaan
I still want the skinny of floyd... was he teamed up with Stamstad or Shogren?