roll models...

even as an adult I am out there seeking roll models

as an adult male I try and be aware of my life and my life's direction
sure I let the wind blow me in various directions at times
but my anchors are strong
being a husband and a father make my roots pretty strong
so it is good when I see families functioning in less than conventional ways I take notice

just as nick bax's father shows that it is possible to exel at work, exel in fatherhood, excel in a number of sports, and still have time to enjoy a few beers

last night while I was out swilling drinks in adams morgan the topic of kayaking came up
in that converstation the marvel that is the jackson family came to surface
not the jackson five
eric jackson and family
eric jackson and his family have changed the sport of kayaking forever
in the process they are out changing the world as well

these are people I have had the pleasure of meeting and seeing in action

there are people all over the world mixing the conventional aspects of family with some unconventional approaches to life

the metal cowboy and his cross country bicycle trip with his sons is certainly just one of the adventures that is their everyday life
then again.... he did not have to quit his job to make that tour... as a matter of fact as a writer that was material for his job

although i am not the athlete or the intellect that some of these men are
I can take the examples of their lives and try to maintain a course in my life where I raise my family and live my life in ways that suit me
it is not vital that I follow the trajectory of the sheep

just got back from the National's game...
it was shirt day
not as cool as hat day
but pretty darn cool
the kids had a good time
I think cotton candy was their highlight