slow down

we have all got to... SLOW DOWN!

this morning I heard some sad news

a man I work with lost one of his sons
not sure of the specifics
he was the passanger in a car that was wrapped around a tree

this news
this incident
this loss
it all saddens me very much

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Frank Brigandi said...

CHruch day hit home with me. the "churchies" that try to get into a supposed heaven on my street screw up parking, do hit and run's every week, scream and yeel at their children, smack the shit out of their children, abandon cars that shouldn;t be on the road in the first place, do dogdy repairs to their premessis, ignore the residents of the neighborhood, throw trash everywhere and block our driveways...all in the name of god, at the expense of a community....2 years ago, the churchies, gave use of their ,lower meeting room to a weekly battle of the bands, stating that they circulated a letter to all of the residents "informing" us of their intention.. not asking, but informing...wy not ask if we want to hear truly shitty music of the utmost shittiest execution. Booze, drugs and fights ensued at these battles of the bands, and after 3 weeks of cops shuttling drunken bad musicians and theur sleazy teen-aged girlfriends off to jail. It stopped, then came back and fizzled out......imposing, forcing, informing, enacting are not ways of any religious belief, but it seems that they all do this, the same way the used to do it when they were drug addicted, insolent, ignorant, inconsiderate children, before they "found salvation" in what is supposed to be religion....not just another thing to become addicted to......