got an hour and a half on the fixie before meeting my family at my dad's for a dip in the pool
it was mellow
it was hot and mellow

too hot for me to eat after my ride
but after some serious liquid refueling
then a splash in the pool

roscoe is not alive to fetch the ball
brutus will only enter the pool if I force him
my parent's dog max will only go in the pool if I throw him in
so it was just me and humans
really just me and my two young boys
grant at 2.5 has amazing mobility with a lifejacket
he goes off the diving board, jumps off the side, chasing in directions he choses, nearly floats on his back, and rights himself when he falls off a raft or rolls over from floating
dean at 5 is part fish
today dean added the flippers to his usual goggles
it gives me great pride to see my boys so active, healthy, and strong
so passionate about life
it is a great way to spend a hot and humid dc evening
the skeeters were pretty bad
but dean and I spend so much time diving to the bottom of the deep end to retrieve various throw toys
the bottom of the deep end grabbing two or three objects on one breath
I am so proud
grant jumping off the side and popping to the survace like a little bobber
those guys inspire me