support? trying to cash in?

found a link to this in my comments section

not unlike... the notion of support our troops
there is an idea of support
there is an idea in a person's mind... maybe I will get rich

if the support our troops sticker and magnet people were interested in supporting troops
they would make their product without making a profit


Anonymous said...

I completely understand your concern about profiteering in a time of war. However there is a distinct difference between creating a product that reflects a pop culture (and lets face it, sports ARE part of pop culture) event and/or expresses a point of view relating to pop culture V.S profiting from the deaths of anyone. I take up the same position as you when it comes to selling "bring home our troops" ribbons for a profit. Any money recieved above and beyond the cost to produce should be recycled into non-profit groups or distributed to casualty victim's families.

Cycling is a sport, and like any sport a line will be drawn on a given issue and fans or critics will align themselves on either side. And just like somone wearing a barry bonds jersey... fans will support their heroes in the face of critisicm and scandal.
I don't think that creating a product that enables those fans to support their hero is any less morally reprehensible than MLB charging $250 for an "official" Mark McGuire jersey. The only difference is that my profit comes in just under $2 per shirt and to my knowledge (check cafepress.com) they aren't made in sweat shops.

Again, I respect your opinion... but think about it logically...is it really any different than selling a piston's jersey? or a cubs hat?
And the bottom line is... if you don't want me to get your $2... then don't buy it.

I like your blog by the way, keep up the good work.

gwadzilla said...


I love pop culture
I want more than anything to invent the next madonna bracelet

I like when people develop an idea
and the magnet people
they can make a profit
I have no issue with that
but... it would be nice for them to give something back
but... if they are not saying that is what they are doing... then then do not need to do it

a few years ago I tried a cafepress project
cut it short as an electronic friend of mine was not pleased with the product

have you ordered any shirts yourself?

are they quality?


Anonymous said...

i can dig your point of view, it's certainly valid.

i actually haven't ordered one myself.
I probably will before it's all over.
I know that when i first got started with them to do some
promo-gear for my recording studio they didn't have many options in terms of
shirt thickness and print options.
But now, they seem to have a "value" tee... and then various other
thicknesses and qualities. Even an "organic" tee!

Anyway, when I order mine I'll give you a heads up about their quality...
in case you want to get started on the next madonna bracelet. :)

take care.