the tour is over... now back to a rational bedtime...

floyd landis rocks
a very exciting tour this year

a very exciting tour with an outcome that pleased me
it was a beautiful battle I enjoyed watching it all unfold
never in my life will I be able to do more than imagine what landis feels like today
now I can go to bed at a decent time
as even fast forwarding through the commercials on the Tivo there were still many hours late into the night watching cycling

I may not know how landis feels riding in the clouds right now
but I do have a little insight into a situation that tyler hamilton went through a few years ago
hamilton's dog had died and he dropped out of the tour or something to that effect
having my dog die a few weeks ago
well, the week that followed I was completely useless
was unable to perform at work
unable to focus on anything
so as much as I may not care for tyler hamilton
I feel bad that I may have ever even thought about joking about his inability to race because of the passing of his dog

I like the thought that this was a cleaner than usual tour
lets not forget that so many racers in the field got to that point in an unclean manner
that said...
it will be a long time before there is a clean tour

hamilton keeps gold
that doper's suck site

I still want to know the landis mountain bike history


megan said...

landis first starting racing mtbikes in sweat pants as a concession to his strict mennonite upbringing bout clothing options. here's a couple articles that talk about his early years....



gwadzilla said...

hold on...
I saw that movie with randy quad and woody...

I am stoked
was looking for this information

Frank Brigandi said...

I lived in Sicily, Italy and Spain. I raced criteriums in Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Armenia, Ireland, Switzerland, Flanders. I made money in Flanders, racing the Kermesse races...i was young, didn't tire easily, remained unknown, still am a never-was, so I could never be a has-been......the drug useage I saw was one of the reasons I retired, besides my father dying from a.i.d.s. I couldn;t succomb to the dope, it was offered in phrases like, " good job today Frank, I have a present for you, go see the doctor he will give you your present" I went, anounced i was there to pick up a gift, was told to lay down on the table after stripping ( a normal thing we did) the doctor busied himself then asked me a few personal questions in the form of, what was my program.. I didn;t know what he was asking me, so I reply, " well monday I raced, tuesday I rode 115 miles wednesday, I did speed work...he interupted me and asked sternly "NO! what do you do for strength! Don't be silly with me boy!" I said, mirroring him, : I ride my fucking bike asshole" he said, lay down and prepared a syringe, I asked what it was, he said coldly, " your present..... enjoy it" I said no thanks got up got dressed, he was screaming at me in Italian, I didn't understand him, I left for my flat, called my coach, he asked before I could tell him what happened how I felt after receiving my present, I said, fuck you, you piece of shit.. I don't do drugs, I quit...
I was cut from the team, came home raced crits here for Crest briefly then drifted into obscurity racing mountain bikes for Fisher, then Yeti....then retired.......drugs do suck...

gwadzilla said...

wow frank
that is a great story
but a great story

I was never anything more than I am

which is a pretty regular guy...