the tour is over... now back to a rational bedtime...

floyd landis rocks
a very exciting tour this year

a very exciting tour with an outcome that pleased me
it was a beautiful battle I enjoyed watching it all unfold
never in my life will I be able to do more than imagine what landis feels like today
now I can go to bed at a decent time
as even fast forwarding through the commercials on the Tivo there were still many hours late into the night watching cycling

I may not know how landis feels riding in the clouds right now
but I do have a little insight into a situation that tyler hamilton went through a few years ago
hamilton's dog had died and he dropped out of the tour or something to that effect
having my dog die a few weeks ago
well, the week that followed I was completely useless
was unable to perform at work
unable to focus on anything
so as much as I may not care for tyler hamilton
I feel bad that I may have ever even thought about joking about his inability to race because of the passing of his dog

I like the thought that this was a cleaner than usual tour
lets not forget that so many racers in the field got to that point in an unclean manner
that said...
it will be a long time before there is a clean tour

hamilton keeps gold
that doper's suck site

I still want to know the landis mountain bike history