training wheels work fine

as a father
as a cycling father I really wanted to try and find the most fun and most easy way for my two sons to learn to ride a bicycle
there was all that talk about like-a-bike and other similar kid products

all cool ideas

as much as I craved these other methods of learning to ride a bike as if the old way was primative in the end... dean got the training wheels off at four and a half
while grant is comfortable riding his bike with training wheels at two and a half

the process of removing the training wheels running along side my son dean the building of confidence the whole experience was just fine
like-a-bike was a tad expensive although I had considered taking the one piece crankset off a small wheeled bike for my boys
when they were in the stages of moving away from the training wheels

would love to hear if there are people having more fun or more trouble free success with the like-a-bike-like products

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megA said...

oscar, the little boy in the video on the bikereg.com page loves his. he scoots around--all over-all terrain--fast fast fast--and he grins the kind of grin that parents love to see while doing it. . .