XS Energy Drink

At each and every Wednesday at Wakefield Race this summer there has been a guy handing out free energy drinks and water
the product is
XS Energy Drink

I need to read some reviews

from the standpoint of a regular Red Bull user this stuff is pretty good
still curious about the review

I will have to say
on the short course this seems like the rocket fuel of choice but... just like NITROS in your Bad Boy Club Car
after you give it a burst of energy you need to give it more juice ater on

fueled up before the first race

then fueled up before the second race
was super thankful after the race was super thankful for the water afterwards too

at 2am that night
was thinking I may have over done it
fueling up may have meant more than one can before each race
there may have been other sources of caffiene in my afternoon pre-race prep

on a more postive note

my testosterone levels are normal
while my levels of XS Energy Drink in my urine are high

the SWAG at these events are actually good marketing efforts

I have been turned onto some really good stuff that I have continued to use over time


Honey Stinger

I am sure that I will be more likely to grab an XS Energy Drink from the cooler at the gas station now that I know what it is

it is nice to get good stuff for free!


Frank Brigandi said...

never learned to play back gammon, I feel like I'm missing out.....honey stinger I know well and my urine is high in just water....someday I aspire to be a redbull drinker, I've never embibed personally......I get a rush or something interesting after I get my foot injected, it lasts 2 or 3 days usually........and yeah, it immediate effective within 1 hour or so......

gwadzilla said...


backgammon is a pleasure in its simplicity

not fun on the computer

but real fun among friends

this is the season for croquet, bocce, and cycling

in the winter backgammon sessions make more sense

scrabble is also a favorite
which is funny
as I can not spell for shit
but I love scrabble

go figure

joel out
kids are no longer playing at my feet
they are too quiet to be trusted
need to go check on them

they have my cell phone
I do not want them to hide that like they hid my car keys