totally wired... totally space


packing my bags
getting ready to evacuate grand lake colorado and head to boulder in the am
as I was scanning my gear it occurred to me
the desire to snap some shots, drop off a rental bike, and get back to a rented mini-van to a cranky two and a half year old clogged my objectives
I totally spaced as I returned my rental to totally wired
left my TIME pedals on the bike

will need to track those folks down
did a GOOGLE
will have to GOOGLE further
need to get give them a call and see if they can send those pedals to dc
as I need those pedals

  • 543 ZEREX
  • FRASER, CO 80442
  • p. (970)726-4400
dirt rag has them listed as a totally cool shop
the folks running the place seemed cool
there should be no issue

funny... they had a computer in the shop
yet they have no Internet presence
the guy that helped me out, rented me the bike, and pointed me to the trails on the mountain was online reading some stuff at NPR
wonder if he checked out my blog?
as I did give him my card