bike lanes/bike lane advocate in DC

guess bikes being kicked to the curb is the way things work in cultures other than the united states

this image and other humorous images
some questionable images

strange cosmos

and in DC
the self righteous biker

the self righteous biker blogs about the traffic in the bike lanes on her route to work each day
she takes still and motion images of the blatant disregard for the markings on the street

what should we expect?
they can not read the writing on the wall...
why would they read the markings on the street?

stole that link from WASHCYCLE
DC's version of Bike Portland


Anonymous said...

That picture is an abosolute riot!

I'm actually a little suspicious of bike lanes. I mean, I see their utility, but I sometimes wonder if the false sense of security they encourage makes them not worth the effort. Also, motorists tend to think that if there's a bike lane, you are required to stay in the bike lane (something that's difficult, of course, when there's cars there or when you're turning left).

There seem to be some cyclists who are almost violently against bike lanes, under the theory that they segregate us from the roadway. I don't know if I feel that strongly about it, because it seems like they might encourage some to ride their bikes who otherwise wouldn't.

gwadzilla said...

I hear what you are saying...

there was a time when you could not pay me to ride on the bike path

I have grown
the times have changed

the growth of population and the aggressive car driving style is only going to continue in the same exponential direction

bicycles need to be given their space
especially on major roads

the link to the RIGHTEOUS BIKER person has images of a stretch of road that I just rode down

car drivers do not have a clue
the bike lanes may aid the idiots to have a clue

but yes

car drivers get angry and feel that pedestrians must cross on the sidewalk


bikes need to use the bike path

yet they can do anything they choose

the world needs to start becoming more civil

there needs to be an injection of empath

Anonymous said...

I remember talking to Maggie, formerly of WABA, about those 9th st bike lanes. We talked about the lack of enforcement, the fact that motorists basically ignore the bike lane, the false sense of security, all that.

One of her points was that, if nothing else, those signs raise awareness to some motorists. Also, it's up to us as cyclists to use the lanes and contribute to that awareness.

Anonymous said...

Those particular lanes are about more than just bikes too - they are for buses and bikes. The idea is to encourage people to use these other forms of transportion. You get the idea - you're sitting in traffic in your car, and you see the bus and people on bikes zooming on by, it gives you the idea that you should bike or bus-it. Unfortunately, this whole idea is totally destroyed by lack of enforcement. In other words, why did they bother?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Chris...I think I may have even said that in a posting or two! I've noticed that on 7th street northbound, it gets really bad in the heart of Chinatown (by the arch)--is that H street? Anyway, I've concluded that it's not just the cars' fault! Yes, I've said it--not just cars. The problem is that this is such a big pedestrian crossing that any car trying to turn from 7th street (left or right) will have to wait til the end of the light because of all the peds. This is an intersection that would benefit from the San Diego style all-cross crosswalk, where pedestrians all walk at once and can cross diagonally. Cars wait their turn and then will be able to turn without people waddling from McDonalds in their way! I'm going to post about this idea on my blog later today...

gwadzilla said...

I am most certain that I see DC Police driving and parking in bike lanes in the city

cars are going to use this lane as a right turn lane

what irks me....

is the failure of respect on the part of the average car driver

they will rush around a cyclist
only to pull in front of them and have to stop to make their turn
when they could just as easily slow to the pace of the bike
and pause to make their turn without being a selfish prick

the same goes for cars when I am riding within the limits of the law on the right side of the road

they make their pass
then they take the lane more to the right
blocking my passage

I just take it to the center line

there is less spitting on windshields happening these days

but the bird and some spit has been known to surface when someone makes such a move

gwadzilla said...


the city needs to evolve

the use of the people aiding in guiding traffic downtown...

they are great

an idea like four way all stop
also a great idea
where all traffic stops and pedestrians cross in all directions simultaneously

a great idea
used all around the world

if they do not use that
maybe a ladder up the Chinatown gate
and let people climb over H Street
okay... that is silly... but could be fun