bikes on the sidewalk

bikes belong

bikes do not belong on the sidewalk
bikes belong on the street

there is this major plan to widen all these sidewalks at a commerce district where Columbia Heights blends into Mount Pleasant around the 14th Street between Park and Columbia Road

widen the sidewalk
narrow the street
this will only increase sidewalk bike traffic
put a bike lane down
give the bicycles a place to ride

no brainer

had the bicycle been involved in the study
or at least the conversation
maybe they would have figured this out

I think that they were more concerned with other things


gewilli said...

unfortunately here in Rhode Island it IS legal to ride the bike on the sidewalk... which creates an interesting delima...

esp from an advocacy side... but...

i still prefer the street - cars are way more predictable than peds...

Anonymous said...

Good point. The project I was involved with at Wisconsin and Western Avenue in Chevy Chase includes a bike lane/sidewalk in the new construction, as well as other bike rack/lockers that go along with Metro requirements. This is the site of the old Hecht's store. The bike lane will run behind the curb, directly adjacent to the pedestrian walk, and extend one whole block before dumping bikes back into traffic. I'm not sure of the history/planning that went into it, but was surprised to see "bikes" actually incorporated. I'm guessing Montgomery County would not allow removal and replacement of existing old dieing trees on the north side of Western, that would have allowed widening of the road to incorporate a d 4' bike lane. Instead, the bike lane is on the developers property where all sorts of bike/ped accidents will occur. I will be interesting to see this works out over time.

Anonymous said...

I missed the meeting last night, so I'm not sure what the plans entailed, but the sidewalks along park, irving and columbia are waaaaay too narrow for the amount of usage it gets. That whole area has some of the highest pedestrian rates in the city.

Narrowing the travel lanes should calm traffic quite a bit. Besides, I believe there are proposed lanes for that stretch of 14th(to join up with those north of Monroe and south of U).

gwadzilla said...


good point


the sidewalks need to handle mass pedestrian traffic
which will only increase as the commerce progresses in development

maybe DC needs to get the message out on the right of a bicycle to be on the road

start marking such roads that lack room for a bicycle specific BIKE LANE to be marked as a SHARE LANE


enducate the public on the notion of passing a cyclist by THREE FEET

I think that somewhere in the driver's handbook there was a misprint that taught the drivers to pass within THREE INCHES
and well
some drivers are not even doing that

and brian
good meeting you


Anonymous said...

Bikes on the sidewalk is a HUGE problem in my beach neighborhood. People are so used to riding their cruisers on the Boardwalk (which is allowed) that they automatically think it's okay to ride on sidewalk too, even though everyone finds it insanely annoying. The sidewalks are already tiny and half taken up by restaurant patios - why the heck would you try to jam your pink Hello Kitty beach cruiser through the miniscule amount of space left over that is usually occupied by a pedestrian? that's why it's called a sideWALK!

Another annoying thing the cruiser crowd loves to do is ride in the street against traffic. GRRRRR!

I guess I should be happy because they're riding bikes, but they often do more harm than good.