Booth Babes... a phenomena at all conventions

Interbike Booth Babe Queen Crowned by GOCLIPLESS
booth babes from other convention cultures
gamers love their booth babes!

if more cyclists looked and dressed like that young woman
I assure you that cars would slow before making a pass went across the pond to get those images


gewilli said...

last year's babe was crowned...

i thought i was the one to pull the DOH...

and i did it yesterday....

Anonymous said...

I think the bike industry is in a sad state when it is trying to figure out to 'tap into the women's market' on one hand, and still supports and uses booth babes on the other. I think the Surly guys should counter next year by putting their hairy, flabby tattoed asses on display in thongs.

gwadzilla said...


there is the notion in advertising that "sex sells"

I am not sure if that is true
as an old married man...
I do not mind looking at the pretty woman
I am not so sure it aids my decision in purchasing a product

people have gotten into the use of women in advertising
the notion of exploitation
and the likes


I am certain that pretty people use this to sway things in their direction all the time

most certainly the pro cyclists smile for the camera

lets switch over to tennis....

those girls in short skirts....
who gets the most endorsments?
the most winning athlete?
or the cute woman in the top ten?

jeff thanks for your comments
especially on the "intentional communities" post

did you ever sell your ONE ON?

gwadzilla said...

I feel like such a SMUT peddler!

and to think
I have this great picture of the Marzocchi Girls that I can not post out of guilt!