everyone has blogged on Madonna

Madonna has been in the press lately
the blogs are going crazy on Madonna
the news is going crazy on Madonna

what has Madonna gone and done now?

cbs' show buzz

for those living in a bubble...
Madonna and her husband Guy Ritchie are in the process of adopting a one year old boy from Malawi

do I know if Madonna and Guy are good parents?
no... I do not know specifics

but I do know that life as a celebrity is different than life down in the trenches

my guess...
Madonna is a better mom that Princess Di ever was
and well
Lady Di was considered to be some fantastic mother
which she may well have been... lets ask her sons

my feeling... back off of Madonna and Guy Ritchey
they do not need PR
Madonna would sell out tours with or without this adoption
and Guy... I think he is more concerned with his Judo than Public Relations

there were some nice quotes from Madonna in her latest movie that made sense
she seemed very down to earth for Madonna

as far as her intentions?
I lack the crystal ball to tell you her intentions
but... if her intention is to draw attention to the poverty and famine in Africa
that is fine
the world needs to know

no matter what her intention is
or what we may think her intentions are
there is a good chance that this young child will have the opportunity to live a long prosporous life
maybe to grow and develop to do great things
or at least to grow and develop
which more than likely would not have happened in his poor motherless world in Malawi

I know people are seeing this whole international adoption thing as the next accessory
I disagree with the Paris Hilton types getting dogs that fit in Gucci bags
I would have to say that adoption of a human life is something more
and I respect that most anyone famous or not would understand this