another notion of the bicycle messenger is freedom


I think that the most successful/highest earning bicycle messengers will tell you that they are not living the free lifestyle that so many assume
they have a job with responsibilities just like any other job

there is a set in time
there are demands that they be there every day of the week
vacations need to be planned and accounted for
sure there are those that float in late, leave early, ghost in the middle of the day
they may make some money here and there
but certainly not the consistent big bucks or the grand hook ups
not showing up may put someone at the bottom of the totem pole
have them used to pick up the slack
hanging out on a list
waiting for the next run
while the dependable and regulars are being hooked up, riding the gravy train, and keeping up a solid average


Anonymous said...

i have been at both ends of the spectrum..I work EVERYDAY,no sick leave no vacation paid for no 401 k no shit...not that i am complaining it is what it is there are comprimises and perks to anything you do, but is it for you? it is VERY hard to take a vacation/trip/whatever for me..on the other hand for my first couple years i was definitly on the 4 day work week on the reg, ya dig? calling in hungover drunk...I will always rememeber fosters oil can fridays, ha!

gwadzilla said...

the other day when I ran into you, jesse, and max at 1050 Conn...
moments like that are pretty sweet
sure beats hanging at the water cooler or the copy machine

Anonymous said...

for true.comprimises and perks..yup if I did not enjoy it I suppose I would not do it..I guess my comment came out in a wierd way. I guess what I was trying to say is that a messenger can be alot of things and you can move up in the totum pole, if your lucky you can find your place on it..

Anonymous said...

I do it because of the freedom. I work 4 days a week, get enough work to pay bills, and can leave whenever i want. To me the freedom to leave and climb in another state for a week and then come back to a job is the best perk of all. I'm lucky enough to have a dispatcher who respects that and that i do good work when i am here, which is guess is it's own place on the totem pole. i like it though.