georgia gould

georgia cross results

georgia at luna

at the Charm City Cyclocross event in Baltimore last month I asked the sporty woman with the baseball cap to assist me with my number

he helped me both by explaining the logic of how the number should sit on my jersey while she pinned it on me

as the excitement for my race built I made small talk

so... are you racing today?

yea... two races later this afternoon she answered

I thanked her and went on my way
during my Men's 35+ race I saw her warm up on the bicycle trainer in her luna gear
then in the B Race I saw her battle in the top five for a very exciting race
which acted as a warm up for her later event that day

I think she took 3rd in the Bs and second in the Women's Elite


Anonymous said...

Yeah, she is genuinely a super nice person & FAST too!

gwadzilla said...

it is cool when high achieving people are humble and nice

there is always someone faster

or more high achieving

the agony of defeat
the worst player on a professional team

it is all a very strange balance

the arrogance of a one hit wonder or a has been

like david lee roth...
I am not sure he has the right to be an asshole anymore
he just is not cool enough
he was once really cool
not he is really uncool

megA said...

georgia rocks it

this weekend

oh this weekend!

what craziness--i'd rather watch than race this contest.

i hope someone will video for me. . .