I do not know kevin
yet it is odd for me to see him on black trek
for years I had seen him on an aqua cannondale

well, I know kevin from the several times I have taken his picture
we share mutual friends
he seems like a very nice fellow
it appears that he is comfortable in his skin


Anonymous said...

Kevin is one of my most favorite people of all times. He's had a life that many people could/should be jealous of. He's never worried much about anything and has a zillion great stories to tell to boot. If you ask me, Kevin is "livin' the dream". He'll be at my Halloween party so you can chat with him there.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as Meredith pointed out Kevin is living the dream. He, apparently retired from the navy, and has worked as a bio-engineer. He rides, stashes his earnings, then travels, then repeats. He's one of the good guys, never a bad word to say about people. You are right though- where is the aqua bike? (I thought it was a bianci?) If you see him - tell him I said hello. Thanks.

Theo- CapitolHillDelivery

Anonymous said...

Kevin is as folks would say " GOOD PEOPLE".

gwadzilla said...


kevin is a nice guy
what is funny
is for Halloween Kevin dressed up as "a suit"
he shaved and wore a suit
he was not comfortable in the roll

wonder if the beard is back yet?