lets talk about the weather

lets talk about the weather....

it may rain...

rain is good for cross
tomorrow should be cold and wet
not sure if I am racing

lost momentum on this cross thing

too much kid and family stuff going on

tomorrow I am shooting for a repeat of last saturday

last saturday included an assortment of adults with their children in my backyard

we bought beer for the adults and bales of hay for the kids

I threw straw/hay at the children for several hours

if it rains today on the hay
then there will be no fun throwing hay around
just a nasty clean up effort

headed out back to rake the four bales of hay together and put a tarp on things
four bales
that is a lot of hay!

weather.com has been wrong before in their predictions

yes, this will effect the MONSTER MASH MOUNTAIN BIKE RACE at Wakefield Park
raining light now
call before you show up

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gwadzilla said...

MONSTER MASS RACE was canceled

the Bike Festival still happened