makes his day... makes my day...

here is that image from the other afternoon
when the cyclist recognized me from my actions

already seen him three times since

dc is a small town

meet someone you have never seen before
then trip over them again and again

rode home with this guy to his neighborhood of Columbia Heights
Mount Pleasant has character and is a tad fringe
Columbia Heights still has a bit more urban flare than I care to experience as an adult and a father
in my youth I did not mind the risks or the aggression
I have more important things to worry about


Anonymous said...

His name is Josh [ Nadus ]. He wants to write a book about the courier scene here n D.C.. The bike is a Jamis Sputnik with a mustache bar. I c him on 11th or 13th sts n the mornin/evenins

gwadzilla said...

I met josh a few days after snapping that shot

his book idea sounds very do-able