makes my day...

still have not gotten to the image of the commuter who reads my blog
located the image
digging my way down to that image

there are so many images that need to pieced together
these images below are from last week
the weather is much colder than it was on these days
which has the cyclists exposing less flesh

more images to come
more images on the camera

more words too
where will I find the time
I need to go to sleep

today's day was made by some Krispy Kremes and some Koffee for the office
being the martyr that I am
I threw myself on the grenade
eating two donuts
to aid in preventing someone else from ingesting more empty calories that they do not need

1 comment:

gewilli said...

take an original krispy kreme pop in the microwave for 10 seconds...


tastes just like it was off the conveyor...


gotta say getting free samples right off the production line in the store are... as homer puts it... Droooool

(dunkin donuts are pretty pathetic, as is their coffee, but a donut is better than some fancy schmanzy danishypastrycrap)

okay - now i need some fatty sugar stuff....