makes your day... makes my day

the images are on my laptop at home
but wanted to mention this before I forget this...

yesterday I went for an afternoon stroll with the camera
went around the block before I had to wind up the final hours of my work day

at an intersection a block from work there was a commuter stalled at a light
he was on an interesting bike... I think it was a fixie
I recall it had mustache bars

before this rider in office clothing busted a move and ran the light I went for the camera

with no time to ask for permission I got down low to try and get the rider and the bike in the frame and crop the image within the camera
not sure how he was going to respond I went about my photo way just the same

as I was about to snap the first image I was busted!
he noticed me
how could he not notice me?
I am 6'4" tall
crouching on the ground 5 feet away

to my surprise he recognizes me
not by face
but by action
he asks me if I am John Guad
or some similar bastardization of my name
I say I am as I snap the pictures and make a quick correction of his mispronunciation

as the shutter snaps the light turns green
the subject in the image thanks me for getting him through his day everyday

that made my day

so, I thanked him
as the photos I took will make my day when I compose them in my "photo collage thing"
hearing that my "page" gets him through his day makes my day

thanks for saying thanks

here is a GWADZILLA ARCHIVE from a few years ago in the FALL
I blogged about a number of ideas that are floating through my head
take a look
it is worth a look
scroll through... it is intersting to see the blog sans images


Anonymous said...

I would LOVE it if you snapped a picture of me on the way to or from work. Who knows? Maybe you have already but the image broke your camera. :)
In any case, I love your blog too!

Anonymous said...

Your blog helps me through my work day too. Thanks. - WIcrosser

gwadzilla said...


my blog gets me through my work day as well

got all sorts of images yesterday and today
sort of got caught up in a great white whale scenario

oh heck....

I will blog about it

Jill Homer said...

That's when you know you're a celebrity blogger.

Thanks for the daily dose of goodness.

The Urban Cyclist said...

joel gwad

sorry for the mispronunciation, i asked about you at an alleycat, and someone told me your name then - but I forgot when the time came to actually speak it. Would you be willing to meet for a cup of coffee sometime? I am working on a book you may find interesting.